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We use our extensive tax law experience to provide a full range of professional partnership representative services to organizations worldwide.

Guiding Partnerships Worldwide Through U.S. Tax Law From Our Office In Chicago

A True Partner In U.S. Tax Matters

Your business does not thrive in a vacuum. You rely on relationships, from a customer base to various vendors, as well as various professional advisors. Tax matters are no different. US Partnership Representative, Inc., provides professional partnership representative services to partnerships that are subject to the new partnership IRS examination regime enacted in 2015 under the Bipartisan Budget Act, or BBA.

Leading The Way

In addition to knowing how to resolve tax disputes administratively and in litigation, our team has been on the forefront of thinking through how the changes to the tax laws will impact partnerships on a practical level. Our executive director, Guinevere Moore, is a nationally recognized author and speaker on issues relating to tax law, partnerships and partnership representatives. Some of her recent speaking engagements include:

  • It’s a Whole New World, Defending and Litigating Partnership Adjustments Under the Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2015 at the American Bar Association Section of Taxation National Institute of Criminal Tax Fraud and Tax Controversy on December 12, 2019.
  • Rock – Partnership Representative – Hard Place, NYU School of Professional Studies, 11th Annual Tax Controversy Forum
  • Partnership Representatives: New IRS Final Regulations Under Section 6223 and Challenges for Pass-Through Entities, New Audit Procedures; Disregarded Entities as Partnership Representatives; Termination and Replacement (Available from Strafford)
  • Amending LLC and Partnership Agreements to Address Tax Reform and the Current IRS Audit Rules, Tax Law Considerations, Former Partner Contributions to Tax Liability, Push-Out Elections and More (Available from Strafford)
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We understand that you have many important matters to keep track of for your business. Let us handle your partnership representative needs. We will answer your questions and listen to your concerns as we develop the right plan to fit your partnership’s needs.