Partnership Representative Services Offered

What Can We Do As Your Partnership Representative?

At US Partnership Representative, Inc., we offer Partnership Representative services from the experienced tax advocates at Moore Tax Law Group, LLC.

The IRS will send all communications regarding IRS examinations to the Partnership Representative except a notice of selection for examination, which is sent to the partnership. The IRS does not send notices that are unrelated to examinations to the Partnership Representative. For example, notices of late filing penalties are not sent to the Partnership Representative because they do not relate to an examination. The United States tax code has thousands of penalties that are assessable penalties that are not assessed pursuant to an examination. A power of attorney and a designated representative will receive those notices and be able to act on them, but a Partnership Representative will not.

Effective Communication And Representation

To ensure our clients receive timely notification of all IRS communication, together with an explanation of what the communication is and what, if any, action needs to be taken in response to the communication, US Partnership Representative, Inc., partners with Moore Tax Law Group, LLC to obtain the authorization from the IRS necessary to receive communications addressed to both the partnership and the Partnership Representative.

  • We will engage Moore Tax Law Group, LLC to be your partnership’s authorized representative before the IRS. Doing so will ensure:
  • All IRS communications sent to both the Partnership Representative and the partnership will be provided to the partnership.
  • We will provide your partnership with an explanation of what each IRS notice means and what, if any, action is required to respond.
  • We will alert your partnership immediately if we are contacted by the IRS.
  • We will get your authorization and direction regarding what, if any, response to provide to IRS requests for information or payment.

We have been representing taxpayers before the IRS for a long time, and that experience has taught us that most administrative matters that are a natural consequence of a clerical error or a minor dispute can be resolved in two hours or less. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but in general, if an IRS dispute can’t be resolved in one to two hours, it is going to require settling in for a long road ahead. US Partnership Representative, Inc., provides its clients up to two hours of IRS dispute resolution for each tax year, if needed.

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